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11 Apr 2019

Signature Living Creates 1500 Jobs Shunning Zero-Hour Contracts

Signature Living, the brand behind one of Britain’s most successful chain of hotels has announced a major recruitment drive that will see 1,500 new jobs created. The brand has also stated it will not be following the practice favoured by the hospitality sector of employing staff on Zero-Hours contracts (ZHCs).

In the ten years since the Signature brand was founded, it has long been recognized that the health of the local economy is key to success as a hotelier. For this reason, the brand is consistently creating new career opportunities within a sector of business that is notorious for employing people on zero hours contracts.

It is an integral part of Signature’s business model to give people at the lowest end of the social scale an opportunity for career-growth, which means hiring them on realistic contracts that offer job security in return for brand loyalty.

This is a formula that continues to work for Signature, powering the brand’s expansion, which will see a further 1500 secure and well-paid jobs created. Among the new jobs appointments will be 100 staff to work at the George Best hotel in Belfast, which is due to open in June this year.

What are Zero Hours Contracts?

Zero hours contracts (ZHCs) can loosely refer to various casual agreements between an individual and their employer. But the official Government definition is that ‘a zero hours contract is one in which the employer does not guarantee the individual any hours of work’.

ZHCs are promoted by the government on the basis that: ‘used responsibly, zero-hours contracts can provide flexibility that works for both employers and individuals’. However, beneath the veneer of the government’s publicity is a shocking fact that ZHCs fail to provide people with a liveable income and absolutely no sense of job security.

The hospitality landscape is one that changes constantly, and high numbers of staff may not be required all year round. Though busy seasons such as Christmas and the summer often require an influx of employees, the same staffing may not be required the following month as the seasons rotate.

There Are No Benefits to Zero Hours Contracts

Lawrence Kenwright said: “’Signature Living is entering an era of dynamic growth and with that comes major investment into recruiting people to help us maintain our position as the UK’s most innovative and fastest-growing hotel developer and operator. I am particularly pleased about the expansion of our apprenticeship programme which will be focused on young people not currently engaged in employment, education or training.”

Zero hours contracts do nothing for instilling any sense of loyalty among staff. How is it possible to be loyal to an employer who doesn’t return the favour by offering minimum hours and pay?  Not only does it do honest hardworking people a disservice, zero hours contracts only provide any benefits to unscrupulous employers seeking to cut costs. We have proven that it is possible to pay people liveable wages and regular working hours without detriment to our bottom line and hope that our example is followed by others in Britain’s hospitality sector.

Signature Living is a hospitality brand with integrity, which ensures it will continue to sustain growth in the coming years. From an investor’s point of view, it is important that the businesses or assets underlying any opportunity are robust and 100% transparent. Signature Capital offers you exclusive access to portfolio investment opportunities that are backed by a corporate guarantee. A Secured Partnership Investment (SPI) is a short-term instrument paying fixed income returns backed by the security of Signature’s £550m GDV.

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