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4 Sep 2019

Big Luv´s Ibiza Classics at the Garden of Eden

Panoramic views of Liverpool, world-class DJs, a night of getting dressed up and dancing to your favourite tunes with your best dancing partners… What could be better?

After six consecutive advance sell-outs, The Shankly Hotel invited Big Luv back to the best venue in Liverpool. The Garden of Eden. Guests partied the night away at this rooftop location, where they could experience spectacular views of the city while surrounded by immense entertainers and several dedicated bars.

The seventh city-centre festival was an Ibiza Classics special and offered two nights in one. The outdoor terrace boasted a unique party under the beautiful night sky, where renowned DJs from Ocean Beach and Ibiza Rocks played to hundreds of visitors who came to feel the nightlife of the infamous party island in their hometown.

Steps away from the picturesque skyline is the main room which offered a completely different atmosphere when compared to the terrace. Once inside, party-goers were transported to their favourite spot in Ibiza where they could reminisce about their dancefloor-filled holidays and then make new memories as the club classics blasted until 1 am.

Many of the guests chose to give their future selves the gift of not having to travel too far once the celebrations tailed off. The rooftop gig had many perks before, after and during the event but a huge one has to be that it is situated at the top of the luxurious Shankly Hotel. Revellers could rest their dancing feet, lay down their pounding heads and wake up in the morning with a legendary, mouth-watering breakfast on offer.

The Shankly´s signature suites have been specifically designed for group accommodation, so for those that weren´t quite ready to say goodnight, the party could continue in the form of a huge sleepover with drinks, best friends and anything else that was needed to end the night on a high.

Although the main theme of the night was based around the small Balearic island with a big personality, there just had to be a scouse twist. The main room featured back-to-back typical Liverpool hits, that were loved by all – whether they were Liverpudlians or not!

Signature Living has a strong, committed ethos which includes being immensely proud of where the business and the founders of the company came from. Aspects of Liverpool´s well-respected heritage are incorporated into almost every new venture Signature undertakes.

30 James Street is the home of the Titanic, Cavern Walks is where The Beatles were first discovered, The Dixie Dean honours the life of the Everton legend, and finally, The Shankly itself pays tribute to one of the best Liverpool managers of all time. And this is just a handful of examples where Signature Living has honoured Liverpool legends within their constructions.