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23 Aug 2019

Discover the REALITY of investing with Signature Living



Between Aug 26th and Sept 1st we’ll be showcasing the reality of investing with Signature Living in what we’re calling REDEMPTION WEEK. Across our social platforms and via email you’ll hear about four key investments which have reached the end of their cycle and where, in each case, investors have been paid back their full invested money AND their profits.

  • The amount sent back to 255 investors since May 19 on these four projects totals just over £15,200,000.
  • The profits they have received is in excess of £3,200,000

Proof positive that investing with Signature Living is not, as some deranged keyboard warriors and jealous competitors have claimed, a scam. Yes, some people have actually posted this on social media. Well as you can see we are not running a scam, we are building on our operational estate of seven hotels, three large scale residential projects and our commercial property interests. The estate currently has a value of over £537Million and growing month on month as we open new assets and attract more and more guests and residents.

Let’s look at the numbers involved in the four project redeemed since May in Signature Mill, Signature Park, Alma De Cuba and 30 James Street…

Signature Mill
Investment raised: £6,600,000
Investors: 111
Average ROI per investor: £902,857
Repeat business: 32%

Signature Park
Investment raised: £2,500,000
Investors: 48
Average ROI per investor: £343,931
Repeat business: 36%

Alma de Cuba
Investment raised: £2,100,000
Investors: 42
Average ROI per investor: £289,077
Repeat business: 67%

30 James Street
Investment raised: £4,000,000
Investors: 54
Average ROI per investor: £1,760,000
Repeat business: n/a

Welcome to REDEMPTION WEEK! If you’re interested in investing in our current projects please call Signature Capital on 0151 558 0071.