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19 Sep 2019

The Mad Hatters Tea Party in the Garden of Eden

You´re late! You´re late! For a very important date!

22nd September to be precise, and well you´re not even late. Yet. The Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea will be a party like no other, hosted in the Shankly Hotel´s very own wonderland – The Garden of Eden.

This venue has gained a reputation for hosting the most extravagant, unique and unforgettable experiences, and this one is sure to blow any expectations out of the water. We´ll have you smiling like a Cheshire Cat all afternoon!

Lewis Caroll´s classic novel will be transported to the real world with a Signature twist. This one-of-a-kind event will bring all of the characters, scenery and fiascos straight from the pages into Liverpool´s premier rooftop location.

This adult-only event will be hosted by glamorous drag queens, playing the infamous, crazy characters you know and love. See the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts as you´ve never seen them before, as they involve you in cheeky games with tongue-in-cheek humour.

Alice in Wonderland will become your favourite book all over again, but for completely different reasons!

This exciting theme will permeate the decorations, food and entertainment so that you feel fully immersed in a whole other world while you sip your tea and stare in awe at your magical surroundings.

You´ll need all of the energy you can get to keep up with this wild adventure, so a feast of delicious sandwiches and mouthwatering cakes will be on offer for you to munch on as you take in the crazy performances and impressive live music.

An afternoon of non-stop fun is guaranteed it´s the perfect event for anyone who needs to find a place to go for their hen do, birthday or just somewhere to spend the afternoon.

Bring the Tweedledee to your Tweedledum and jump down the rabbit hole!