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24 Apr 2019

Why You Should Invest In Liverpool Property

Why You Should Invest In Liverpool Property

Liverpool is a thriving UK city full of opportunities and big plans for the future. If you are looking to start your property investment journey in 2019, Liverpool is easily one of the best choices. With hundreds of statistics and a proven track record of property investment successes, we look at why you should invest in Liverpool in 2019.

The main reason you should plan to invest in the Liverpool property market 2019 is because of the huge increase in prices the city has seen over the past year. In August 2018’s UK Cities House Price Index, Liverpool had the highest house price growth out of all of the recorded cities, at 7.5% over the last 12 months. At the same time UK average house price growth was 3.6%, less than half the Liverpool house price growth rate.

Liverpool is fast becoming one of the strongest property markets in the country, with varied investment opportunities, from serviced apartments through to hotels, bars and restaurants. With Brexit still on the horizon and a year of sluggish property price growth in 2018, Liverpool continues to outperform other cities as well as other regions in terms of property values.

A City on the Rise

Liverpool has been totally transformed over the past few years, with a truly impressive restoration of a world famous skyline. According to Liverpool council, there is currently £14bn-worth of regeneration works in progress or in the pipeline. With targets to create 35,000 new homes, develop 370 acres of land and 38,000 new jobs, the city is striding forward into 2019, presenting opportunities for investors on the way.

New neighbourhoods like The Fabric District, The Baltic Triangle and Liverpool One are attracting fashionable new residents who are moving to the city for its increasing opportunities and vibrant lifestyle. Liverpool continues to welcome young professionals who are attracted by the new opportunities and jobs in Liverpool city centre, and major redevelopment projects are changing the city’s skyline too.

Tourism a Booming Market in Liverpool

According to the latest figures, tourism is worth an estimated £4.5bn to Liverpool’s regional economy. Last year Merseyside welcomed 73m visitors and the industry now supports over 53,500 jobs. Liverpool is the fifth most visited destination in the UK for overseas visitors with hotel occupancy data which showed a 2.2% increase for overnight staying trips.

The hotel sector in Liverpool is particularly interesting, recording some of the most consistently high occupancy rates in the UK. Visitors to Liverpool staying in paid accommodation rose by 3.6% to 2.6m in 2018 and the economic impact from this alone increased by 8.9% to £950m.

The Brexit effect, which has made the UK a cheaper destination for both overseas and domestic tourists, has also boosted visitor numbers. Peter Sandman, Head of Visitor Economy for the LEP, said: “In the ten years since Liverpool became European Capital of Culture, the city, and region as a whole has seen the visitor economy experience healthy growth and the sector continues to contribute significantly to the region’s economy.

“It is particularly encouraging to see our overseas visitors staying longer, as well as the number of jobs supported by the sector continuing to grow – which covers a wide range of employment options across accommodation, food, and drink, recreation and retail.”

Make a Considered Investment in Prime Hotel Assets

Liverpool has been on the radar of savvy investors for the past two years, as the area has continued to present value-growth opportunities in its property markets. Signature Capital presents you with an opportunity of earning valuable returns with a short-term investment via our proprietary vehicle, the Secured Partnership Investment or SPI.

Signature Living has become one of the UK’s hottest hoteliers in the UK, offering guest experiences that are completely unique and beyond comparison within the sector. An SPI will provide you with strong returns that are underwritten by a significant corporate guarantee based on Signature’s total asset value in excess of £500m. To find out more about building wealth with hotel assets, at affordable entry levels, with defined exit strategies, contact an adviser today.

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